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10th Anniversary of Ukraine’s Revolution of Dignity Celebrated


Nov 21, 2023

Ukraine marks on November 21 the tenth anniversary of the start of the Revolution of Dignity – mass popular uprisings against then-President Viktor Yanukovych’s plans for rapprochement with Russia. The date is celebrated in the context of the ongoing 20 months of Russian aggression against Ukraine.

The current head of state, Vladimir Zelensky, made a video message to fellow citizens. His speech was dedicated to the decade of Ukraine’s struggle for a European future.

“10 years ago we began a new page of struggle. 10 years ago the Ukrainians carried out their first counter-offensive. Against lawlessness, attempts to deprive us of a European future. Against our bondage. 10 years ago people united not only against something, but above all for themselves “, – he said.

“Year after year, step by step, we do everything so that our star shines among the stars on the EU flag, symbolizing the unity of the peoples of Europe. The Star of Ukraine. 20 years ago it was a romantic dream, 10 years ago – an ambitious goal, today – These are realities that can no longer be stopped,” he emphasized.

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