2023 NFL Season Win-Loss Predictions for All Teams: Ravens Soar High, Eagles Triumph over Packers.

The NFL has long been known as a “0.500 league” with most teams going either 9-8 or 8-9. While there are a few elite teams with 11+ wins and some trash teams with six wins or less, the majority of the league hovers around a .500 range. The inflated rectangular pig’s butt can bounce in unpredictable ways, so the gap between a 10-7 team and a 7-10 team may not be as significant as it appears and can be influenced by small factors such as fumble recoveries.

Moving forward to the 2023 NFL season, full division and playoff predictions will be released later in the week. While it’s early in the year, it’s never too early for predictions. The author can be found on CBS Sports page, Twitter, and Instagram for updates.

The article then goes on to provide a breakdown of every team’s win total and the author’s expected record for each. The author makes predictions for each team and provides reasoning behind each prediction. Some teams are expected to do well, while others are expected to struggle.

Overall, the article highlights the unpredictability of the NFL and how factors such as luck and injuries can heavily influence a team’s performance. While the author provides educated predictions, the article acknowledges the possibility of unexpected outcomes.

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