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2023 Shanghai Masters Snooker Final: Ronnie O’Sullivan vs Luca Bressel – Live Showdown for the Title


Sep 17, 2023

Ronnie O’Sullivan and Luca Brecel are currently competing in the Shanghai Masters Final, and you can catch all the live updates by refreshing this page. In the first frame, O’Sullivan took an early lead of 1-0 over Brecel with a break of 70. The match started off with both players making rapid shots between the balls.

Brecel, known for his exceptional potting skills from anywhere on the table, had a great opportunity in the second frame. His long cue action provided him with various options for the break, and he executed it perfectly. This impressed the audience and sparked a reaction.

Luka continued to showcase his skills in the following frames, with a fantastic cut from the red to the right middle pocket. He’s not getting caught up in tactical matters today and is focusing on attacking play.

As for O’Sullivan, he displayed his signature style in the first frame, scoring a break of 86, followed by a break of 65 in the second frame. He efficiently takes advantage of opportunities when they arise, maintaining a businesslike approach at the table. Currently, O’Sullivan leads 1-0 in the final.

In the third frame, Brecel struggled to adjust, missing a long pot on the red and allowing O’Sullivan to capitalize on the opportunity. While it’s never a pleasant feeling for any player to make such mistakes, especially in a high-stakes match, O’Sullivan sees it as a great chance for him to extend his lead.

O’Sullivan left Brecel with a difficult long red in the fourth frame, which he was unable to pot. O’Sullivan then made a quick 38 before losing position on the table. Despite this minor setback, his early run of small pots allowed him to get his cue arm working smoothly.

The atmosphere is electric as both players enter the final. O’Sullivan, considered the greatest of all time in snooker, faces Brecel, the reigning world champion, in this prestigious 24-player invitational event. The match consists of ten frames in the morning session and eleven frames in the evening session, if needed. It promises to be a thrilling contest for snooker fans.

O’Sullivan is aiming for his fifth Shanghai Masters title and fourth consecutive win. Brecel, on the other hand, made an impressive comeback in the quarter-finals of the Crucible earlier this year, winning seven frames from a 10-6 deficit. It was a significant achievement as he became Belgium’s first world champion.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting final, which will conclude in front of a capacity crowd in the morning session. You can catch the live stream of the Shanghai Masters on Discovery+, the Eurosport app, and eurosport.com.

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