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22 Fake Policemen in Zagreb Accused of Defrauding Elderly People with Fake Banknote Scam


Nov 21, 2023

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Uskok filed an indictment against 22 people who, from September to November 23 of last year, deceived people by pretending to be police officers. They were selling the story to everyone that they were conducting an investigation against bank employees for putting counterfeit banknotes into circulation at their expense. The first defendant managed the entire group, and after people believed them and discovered how much money and jewelry they had, they would come to those addresses and take the money and jewelry. In this way, to the detriment of 89 elderly persons, they obtained illegal financial benefits in the amount of 1,045,005.64 euros. After the investigation, USKOK filed an indictment before the County Court in Zagreb against 22 defendants for committing crimes of a criminal association and fraud in its composition. criminal association. The indictment of I. okr. charges that, in the period from September to November 23, 2022 in Zagreb, he planned the execution of several criminal offenses of fraud and connected the other defendants and other so far unknown persons in a joint operation, setting as the goal of the operation the acquisition of substantial non-appropriated material benefits for himself and others by false representation to a large number of elderly people that the police officers who are conducting an investigation against bank employees for putting counterfeit banknotes into circulation are to their detriment and that it is necessary, due to the suspicion that they have counterfeit banknotes with them or in their bank account, that the police officer should check the money and issue them a certificate with which counterfeit money can be exchanged for real money at FINI. At the same time, they falsely represented to them that they were securing the gold jewelry they owned. who gave instructions II. to X. defendants and XXII. district who, according to the described scenario, first called elderly people from call centers and presented themselves as police officers working to protect their property. After the invited persons believed them and revealed how much money and gold jewelry they possessed, according to the instructions given to them by the 1st district. personally or through II. to IX. district, they went to their addresses IX. district and XI. to XXI. district using vehicles that are the first district. previously provided for this purpose. In the name of the alleged inspection, they then took money and gold jewelry from the elderly and handed it over to the First District. who shared it among themselves in accordance with their roles. In the manner described, the defendants obtained illegal property benefits in the amount of 1,045,005.64 euros to the detriment of 89 elderly persons.

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