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24-year-old world-record holder Kelvin Kiptum killed in car accident


Feb 12, 2024

Kenya’s world-record holder in the marathon, Kelvin Kiptum, tragically died in a car crash in Kenya at the young age of 24. The crash occurred in the high-altitude region of Kenya, between the towns of Eldoret and Kaptagat. This area is well-known as a training base for long-distance runners, making Kiptum’s death all the more devastating for the running community.

After hearing the news of the crash, a group of athletes, including Kenyan runner Milcah Chemos, went to the hospital in Eldoret to confirm the news. Once there, they were joined by Kiptum’s family to identify his body. It was at the hospital that Chemos learned that Kiptum’s coach had also been killed in the crash, adding another layer of tragedy to the already devastating situation.

Kiptum’s untimely death comes just months after he set a world record time of 2:00.35 at the Chicago Marathon in October. This remarkable achievement made him the first man to run the marathon in under 2 hours, 1 minute, surpassing the previous mark set by fellow Kenyan Eliud Kipchoge. His record was officially ratified by the international track federation World Athletics just last week, making his sudden passing all the more shocking and heartbreaking for the running community.

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