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29 Premature Newborns from Al-Shifa Hospital Transferred to Egypt


Nov 20, 2023

Twenty-nine premature babies who were still in al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City were taken to the south of the Strip and have arrived in Egypt after crossing Rafah in ambulances, according to the Egyptian newspaper Al-Qahera News. This report came from the only Egyptian authorized to report from Rafah. The Palestine Red Crescent ambulance teams departed from in front of the Emirati Hospital in Rafah to transport 28 premature infants to the Rafah Crossing to prepare for their transfer to receive medical treatment in Egyptian hospitals.

The children were evacuated on Sunday from the facility which the World Health Organization had described as a “death zone” just hours earlier. 31 of the premature babies left, with two having tragically died the previous night, just a few hours before the WHO workers arrived. It is not clear at the moment why only 29 babies arrived in Egypt.

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