29 Students Receive Research Grants from the Center for Global Health Equity – The Cavalier Daily

The Global Health Equity Center (CGHE) has awarded 29 scholars with research grants to pursue international research related to global health equity themes. These students will receive grants ranging from $2,000 to $6,000 to conduct interdisciplinary research on public health issues in Africa and other parts of the world. CGHE is an organization committed to advancing an interdisciplinary approach to global health issues, and organizes events and opportunities for students to participate in.

One of this year’s winners is fourth-year student Sophie Lyon, who will study in Uganda for the second consecutive summer. Her research project will explore community-driven approaches to address recurrent adolescent pregnancies in southwestern Uganda. Lyon expressed her gratitude towards CGHE for giving her the opportunity to conduct research abroad despite the pandemic.

Fourth-year commerce students Carolyn Fabian and Liza Kutsisvili will also conduct research in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania, developing a mobile medical intervention system to support tuberculosis patients and facilitate communication with hospitals. This project was created through the CGHE case contest which invited students to write proposals to address tuberculosis in Tanzania. All scholars are required to work with faculty mentors to plan for future research opportunities and publish their findings in the fall. The papers will be submitted to the Conflux Research Journal, a global health publication, by January.

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