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47 festival attendees suspected of food poisoning after consuming bread and dumplings


Apr 3, 2024

During the Co Ong Bon Festival in Lai Thieu, Binh Duong, many people experienced symptoms of food poisoning after eating free bread and dumplings provided by a charity group. The festival, which took place on April 3 in Lai Thieu ward, Thuan An city, saw attendees falling ill with stomachaches, vomiting, dizziness, and fatigue after consuming the food. The Thuan An City Medical Center reported that 47 individuals, mostly young people from the lion and dragon groups serving at the festival, were hospitalized as a result.

Currently, 5 people have been discharged from the hospital with mild symptoms, while 42 individuals are being monitored after stabilizing. Authorities are investigating the cause of the incident by testing food samples. The quantity of bread and dumplings distributed by the charity group at the festival remains unknown.

The Ong Bon Pagoda Festival is a Chinese cultural event in Binh Duong that commemorates the ancestors of pottery and is held annually on February 25 according to the lunar calendar. As part of Chinese religious customs, Ong Bon is rotated between temples and is invited to a different temple each year. The festival program includes sacrificial rituals, a procession of divine palanquins, Ho Quang singing, lion and dragon dances, and other traditional performances.

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