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5 Popular Manicure Trends to Look Out for in 2023 – 2024


Nov 21, 2023

The best popular nails 2023-2024 are a combination of chrome colors, red, stones and nude nails, you will surely be able to find something for yourself on the website makeup.hr. Red color will always be in fashion, as well as red lipstick. Just one accent and +10000 points for confidence, thousands of views and hundreds of compliments.

Short nails and red nail polish instead of a thousand words. Red gel nails are a classic and are often seen on long nails, but Proenza Schouler reminds us that this color looks great on short, well-groomed nails. Red manicure is always popular among women of any age, because red color has no limits. On the catwalk all models of the Proenza Schooler brand had short, clean manicured hands.

Now one of the most popular nails — without any gel polish. Just manicured nails and nothing else. However, if you still cannot live without gel nails, you can use nude shades. Minimalism in its best form! Returning to nature and your beginning will emphasize your personality and uniqueness.

Style in simplicity, what could be better? Thanks to Beyoncé and Hailey Bieber, we have a beautiful trend that is no less impressive than the color red! Metallic or chrome pink in combination with long gel nails immediately catches the eye. Chrome pigment nail powders are fantastic and have all different colors that appeal to all different senses. 3-D chrome accents elevated the modern French styles seen at Prabal Gurung.

If you too love this style after these words that you want to do popular nails at home, you can go at https://makeup.hr/ and choose something for yourself. French manicure will never go out of fashion, but it’s exciting to see modern takes on traditional looks.

Only thin lines add a special sophistication. They’re a minimalist way of adding a little color or visual interest to a nail of any length — and in any color. Instead of the thin line being at the tip of the nail, you can place it one third of the nail for a twist in the trendy design. The French manicure seemed like a simple manicure, but you can make something completely new and unusual out of it.

We have finally reached the last popular manicure of 2023 – 2024 nails with crystal stickers! Often, crystal decals are used to up the ante for a bold look—so we love the way nail artist Holly Falcone used rhinestones on a clear, glittery base for a simple yet stunning look. How good that crystal decals can now be applied to more than just face, but also on the nails. A kiss of extravagance and uniqueness. You can choose the best crystal stickers for yourself on the website makeup.hr.

Every season something comes back into fashion, something stays, and something goes forever. But if you like something completely different, which has nothing to do with trends, that’s fine! Fashion will always change, as will your desires, and this is completely normal. You can read and understand that it’s really all about you and you already want to do this beautiful manicure or feel free to close the page and go paint your nails as you want!

These are just some of the popular nails that you can still do in 2023 or from the new year! We are all different, so experiment and enjoy the process! You can choose any popular manicure, but remember that you should only do what you really want! Fashion is fashion, and you are special and charming, so indulge yourself in this world.

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