A Business Fundamentals Program for Young New Yorkers

Starting a business at a young age can be an incredible opportunity to gain real-world experience and become financially independent. It provides an excellent chance to develop essential skills such as problem-solving, leadership, and communication. Michaela Scott, a thirteen-year-old entrepreneur, learned that making lemonade from lemons is a valuable skill to have in life. Michaela started her business, Mikayla’s Mint Lemonade, with the goal of building intergenerational wealth one lemonade at a time. She joined Futures’ Financial Literacy Program to learn the fundamentals of business and how to invest money.

According to Michaela, the financial literacy program taught her how to make her own money and that the objective was to have more money left over when she wanted something. The program’s financial literacy and leadership training equipped Michaela with the practical skills she needs to succeed in her chosen career path. For Mitchell, the program’s objective is to support, curate, and nurture young people like Michaela, who have ideas and put them into action.

Michaela’s mother, Ms. Shataya, is her business partner and provides support whenever needed. Unfortunately, due to licensing and FDA approval issues, Mikayla’s Mint Lemonade was removed from stores. However, Mikayla is now seeking approval from the Food and Drug Administration to remedy the situation and meet all federal, state, and local requirements. At the same time, Michaela is also working on growing her business further and has already contacted Whole Foods for a possible future collaboration.

In conclusion, starting a business at a young age can be an excellent way to gain experience and financial independence. Michaela Scott’s journey with Mikayla’s Mint Lemonade demonstrates the importance of financial literacy, leadership, and problem-solving skills. Moreover, having a supportive partner, like Michaela’s mother, is essential in facing challenges and growing the business.

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