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A Chat and Q&A with CEOs: Nicola Discusses Vital Business Subjects


Sep 13, 2023

On September 13, 2023, Steve Gursky, the President and CEO of Nikola Corporation, participated in a Q&A session to provide insight into the company’s strategic direction and current developments. The session focused on four key topics: battery electric truck recalls, production and delivery expectations, building hydrogen infrastructure, and Nikola’s future and prospects.

Mr. Gursky began the session with a self-introduction and reflected on his career and journey with Nikola. He expressed his belief in the company’s potential and its unique position in the zero-emission Class 8 truck market. He emphasized Nikola’s commitment to becoming a leader in zero-emission commercial transportation and highlighted the importance of their cradle-to-grave approach for long-term profitability.

Mr. Gursky highlighted recent achievements, such as the start of production of a hydrogen fuel cell electric truck and successful customer fuel cell demonstrations. He reassured customers and stakeholders of Nikola’s commitment to safety and their efforts to address concerns regarding battery electric truck recalls. He also discussed the attractiveness of Nikola products to customers, particularly due to various state and federal incentives.

The session also focused on Nikola’s plans for building hydrogen infrastructure, with California serving as a starting point for the hydrogen highway. Mr. Gursky detailed the introduction of mobile refueling equipment and collaborations with multiple suppliers to secure hydrogen supplies, positioning Nikola as a frontrunner in hydrogen refueling solutions.

In closing, Mr. Gursky expressed his optimism for Nikola’s future and emphasized the importance of California in achieving the company’s goals. He assured stakeholders that Nikola is moving in the right direction with a strong focus on their mission to pioneer solutions for a zero-emissions world.

Investors and media interested in the full CEO chat and Q&A session can access the archived webcast on Nikola Corporation’s website. Nikola Corporation is an integrated truck and energy company headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. They are focused on transforming commercial transportation by offering battery electric trucks and hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks through their energy brand HYLA.

The press release also includes a forward-looking statements disclaimer, highlighting the risks and uncertainties associated with the predictions and statements made about the company’s future. The company expresses its commitment to updates and revisions of these forward-looking statements as needed.

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