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A Comprehensive Overview of ChatGPT Enterprise: A Generative AI with a Focus on Business Applications


Sep 15, 2023

ChatGPT Enterprise is an upgraded version of ChatGPT specifically designed for business users. OpenAI recognized the high demand for ChatGPT in the business world, with over 80% of Fortune 500 companies already using it. However, many companies were hesitant to use the consumer version due to security concerns. With the launch of ChatGPT Enterprise, OpenAI aims to address these concerns and provide a more secure and privacy-focused solution.

The new version of ChatGPT has been developed with feedback and input from over 20 companies. It works with GPT-4, OpenAI’s flagship model, but offers additional features and functionalities. Enterprise customers receive priority access to GPT-4 LLM, which provides twice the performance compared to the regular version. The Enterprise package also offers unlimited usage and an extended context window of 32,000 tokens.

One of the key features of ChatGPT Enterprise is the updated management console. This console allows businesses to manage app usage, including bulk member management and single sign-on solutions. It also includes domain verification for added security and an analytics dashboard that provides insights into how teams are using ChatGPT. The dashboard also offers shareable conversation templates for collaborative workflows. Additionally, businesses receive free credits for using the OpenAI API to extend the tool’s functionality.

Privacy and security are major priorities for ChatGPT Enterprise. OpenAI ensures that businesses maintain control and ownership of their data, and the company does not use enterprise-generated data to train its models. The conversations are encrypted both in transit and at rest, and the new admin console gives businesses more control over access.

ChatGPT Enterprise also offers more powerful performance compared to other versions. It has no usage caps, and the priority access ensures faster model performance. The 32k token context allows businesses to use longer inputs, and it includes unlimited access to Data Analytics for quick information analysis.

The release of ChatGPT Enterprise is beneficial for businesses as it offers scalability and native security controls. Previously, businesses could only access individual plans, but now they can manage teams of users with the management console. Security concerns are addressed with encryption and a commitment to not use data for training purposes.

ChatGPT Enterprise is now available for enterprises, and businesses can choose to continue with their existing plan or upgrade to the Enterprise version. OpenAI has plans for further customization and features, including the ability to customize the ChatGPT experience with company data and connect with other apps via API. They are also working on a self-service plan for small teams.

Overall, ChatGPT Enterprise provides businesses with a safer and more powerful solution for utilizing generative AI. With its enhanced privacy and security features, businesses can confidently adopt this tool for various work applications.

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