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A developer is planning to invest $60 million this year


Feb 12, 2024

The ECIPSA Group, chaired by businessman Jaime Garbarsky, plans to invest US$59 million this year. This includes the execution of works and purchase of land in Argentina, Paraguay and Panama. In 2023, the company acquired the participation of IRSA, led by businessman Eduardo Elsztain, in the property of the former Nobleza Piccardo in Buenos Aires, a land of almost 16 hectares. There, ECIPSA will begin working this year on an important mixed-use development.

The company is a real estate business holding made up of development, construction and real estate companies that have been building in the country for 45 years. It has 101 ventures in 12 cities to its credit, and sells lots, houses and apartments under different commercial brands such as Natania and MilAires.

At an international level, the company is continuing to expand its reach. In Paraguay, ECIPSA hopes to continue consolidating its investments and projects of the Natania brand, while planning to expand the business and take its international brands to new Latin American countries. In Argentina, they have just completed their Natania 61 megaproject in Mendoza, with more than 190 apartments. The company will continue working and investing in new projects in Mendoza and other Argentine provinces, as well as in other countries.

In addition, the company has signed a new exclusivity agreement with Crystal Lagoons to operate in São Paulo, Brazil under its WoOoW brand and opened its offices in Israel where they will begin to operate the exclusive Crystal Lagoons license for the Middle Eastern country.

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