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A notable rise in the number of women referring complaints resembling a heart attack in Israel


Nov 21, 2023

Prof. Rogin shared a concerning experience involving five women who were hospitalized due to heart-related issues. One woman, aged 48, suffered a heart attack with no prior risk factors and all her arteries were smooth, except for one that was blocked due to extreme tension and stress caused by her son serving in an elite unit in the Gaza Strip.

Upon arrival at the hospital, she underwent immediate catheterization while the other women were diagnosed with broken heart syndrome, characterized by changes in the EKG, despite normal arteries. Prof. Rogin attributed the syndrome to stress, which releases a high amount of adrenaline that affects heart function, eventually returning to normal after a few weeks.

On preventing the situation, he recommended finding ways to calm the mind, such as sports activity or meditation, and to seek treatment if feeling unwell. Addressing hospitalized children, efforts were made to remove a soldier from the Gaza Strip to meet with his mother, but another woman who had a son in Golani, asked not to be contacted as she did not want to worry him further.

In an unrelated note, the content switches to topics such as learning Japanese, professional tools for industry, and subscription services. The content is fragmented and lacks cohesion. It’s unclear how these topics relate to the initial discussion about heart-related issues and stress.

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