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A Rogue Ballistic Missile Spills Fuel as it Travels


Feb 13, 2024

The Astrobotic company’s lander has continued its journey towards the moon, despite experiencing setbacks such as fuel loss from an explosion at the beginning of the journey. Although the lander is not capable of a controlled landing, it has managed to snap pictures and operate scientific equipment during its journey. The company has not ruled out the possibility of the lander making a harder landing on the surface of the Moon.

According to the company, the Peregrine robot is stable and functional, despite the steady decrease in fuel. The ship has been operational in space for over four days, with engineers working on solutions to extend its life expectancy. The scientific equipment supplied by the US, German and Mexican space administrations has been successfully used.

Astrobotic is the third private player to fail in a government bid, following an Israeli non-profit organization and a Japanese company. However, the company has an opportunity in November, when its Griffin lander is scheduled to carry NASA’s Viper rover to the Moon’s south pole.

The lander’s intended destination remains unclear, leading to speculation from space enthusiasts and amateur astronomers. There is uncertainty about the lander’s trajectory, and the leaking fuel may cause the ship to change course. Additionally, there is controversy surrounding the cargo being transported by the lander, as it includes the ashes and DNA of several people, angering the Navajos, an indigenous population of North America.

There is also concern about the environmental impact of leaving material on the surface of the Moon, as humanity has left approximately 180 tons of material on the Moon’s surface since the first Soviet craft crashed into the celestial body in 1959. Amidst the uncertainty and controversy, the lander’s journey continues, with its final destination and potential impact still uncertain.

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