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A woman’s development lacks credibility


Feb 10, 2024

The incorporation of women into science has been met with countless challenges, according to Lena Ruiz Azuara, a respected scientist in the field of drug development for cancer in Mexico. She noted that one of the biggest obstacles has been the lack of credibility among men in the field. As an emeritus researcher at the Faculty of Chemistry (FQ) of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), she explained that the medical profession also poses a significant challenge due to the lack of knowledge and confidence in Mexico.

Ruiz Azuara also talked about the challenges she encountered, such as being denied a scholarship for postgraduate studies because she was married. Despite these challenges, she finds encouragement in the enthusiasm of students and collaborators who have worked on her drug development project. She is confident that this project will have a positive impact on Mexican society.

The academic highlighted how the lack of experience and discriminatory issues need to be addressed in order to develop important projects in universities. She expressed hope that her project will benefit the Mexican population and reflected on the pioneering work she has done over the years in the development and study of inorganic chemistry in CF.

Ruiz Azuara also mentioned the inspiration she received from her teachers in high school and stressed the important role women play in various scientific fields. She encouraged young women to pursue careers in science, stating that they have the ability to excel in this area. Finally, she expressed the pleasant surprise of receiving the National Science Award and shared the honor with her dedicated work group.

In addition, the researcher announced upcoming lectures at the Faculty of Chemistry of UNAM, highlighting the importance of science beyond the classroom in celebrating its 25th anniversary.

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