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A1 aims for complete sustainability by 2030 following a record year for technology development


Feb 13, 2024

In 2023, Croatia reported record-breaking investments in infrastructure construction, with over 200 million euros invested, the most since they began operations in the country. This investment was reflected in the accelerated construction of fixed gigabit connections and the modernization of the mobile network. A1 Croatia built 140 thousand gigabit optical connections throughout the country, with commercial speeds of 2 Gbps available.

The infrastructure equipment being installed in the A1 optical network supports speeds of up to 50 Gbps, ready to meet the needs of future users. 800 thousand Croatian households have access to an A1 gigabit connection, and with continued accelerated construction, one million households will be covered by 2025, accounting for 70 percent of Croatian households.

Additionally, with the help of EU funds, A1 Croatia built an optical network for 45 thousand households in the wider area of ​​Kaštela, Ivanić-Grad, and Solin. This project was recognized by the European Commission and earned A1 Croatia the EU Broadband Award for its leadership in the construction of a high-capacity network.

A1 Croatia also secured long-term resources through a 109.28 million euro investment in the issuance of licenses for the use of the radio frequency spectrum, setting the stage for ambitious growth plans and investments in mobile services development for the next 15 years. The modernization and construction of the mobile 5G network now covers 92 percent of the population.

Furthermore, A1 Croatia has made significant strides in reducing its carbon footprint, with a goal to have users surfing on a completely green network by 2030. This includes efforts to reduce CO2 emissions by 76 percent through infrastructure modernization and green initiatives.

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