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ABC Salud to honor top achievements in Spanish health and research at awards ceremony this Thursday


Nov 20, 2023

The awards for the thirteenth edition of the ABC Salud awards will be presented this Thursday, November 23, at the Casa de ABC. In this edition, for the first time, the work of a scientist will be recognized, the microbiologist Francis J. Mojica, a crucial figure in the development of genetic editing that are already revolutionizing medicine. Along with Mojica, the ABC Salud 2023 awards feature advances in mental health, fetal surgery and data management and clinical history of patients.

As in previous years, ABC Salud has had an exceptional jury, chaired by the former Minister of Health, Ana Pastor. Also taking part were the director of the National Transplant Organization (ONT), Beatriz Domínguez; the director of the Carlos III Health Institute, Cristóbal Belda; Tomás Cobo, president of the General Council of Official Medical Associations; Federico de Montalvo, vice-rector of the Pontifical University of Comillas; Javier Urzay, deputy general director of Farmaindustria and Nuria Ramírez de Castro, editor-in-chief of ABC Society.

The winners of this edition include:
– Francis J. Mojica: Defining genetic editing.
– Spravato: A new treatment for depression.
– Idis Foundation clinical history project: Shared patient reports.
– La Paz hospital project: Enhancing pediatric transplantation.
– Mental health awareness campaign from the pharmacies of Castilla-La Mancha.
– Sevillian hospital: Linking prenatal surgery and life quality.
– Hyper-early diagnosis and prevention unit at the HM CIOCC hospital.
– The Fontilles Foundation: Improving health and living conditions of the most vulnerable.

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