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Accelerating the Transformation of the Food System: Achieving a Hunger-free and Sustainable World (SDG Action Weekend, At the Speed of Light: Acceleration Day, and High Impact Initiative)


Sep 16, 2023

The High Impact Initiative on Food Systems is a collaborative effort among FAO, WFP, IFAD, UNIDO, and the World Bank. Its focus is on financing, science, data, innovative solutions, and infrastructure to support the transformation of food systems. The initiative aims to mobilize policies and governance mechanisms to ensure food security and healthy diets for all, while also promoting sustainability and the well-being of individuals and the planet. It encourages all actors to engage holistically in sustainability, aiming for a food system that generates economic, social, and environmental value.

To maximize the impact of the SDG Summit, the Secretary-General will host an SDG Action Weekend. This event will bring together stakeholders, UN agencies, and Member States at UN Headquarters to make concrete commitments and contributions towards advancing the SDGs. The SDG Action Weekend will consist of the SDG Mobilization Day on September 16 and the SDG Acceleration Day on September 17. The Mobilization Day provides an opportunity for stakeholders to rally for the ambitious SDG Summit and UN General Assembly High-Level Week, while the Acceleration Day celebrates high-impact initiatives and campaigns that can accelerate collective achievement beyond the SDGs.

The SDG Summit, scheduled for September 18-19, marks the halfway point towards achieving the SDGs by 2030. It is crucial to change course and build momentum to ensure the successful realization of the goals. The SDG Action Weekend, in collaboration with UN Headquarters, aims to bring stakeholders together to set concrete commitments and drive SDG transformation until 2030.

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