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Ad Blockers Cause YouTube Video Loading Delays Across All Browsers


Nov 21, 2023

rewrite this content and create paragraphs YouTube has pointed out that the slowdown in video loading of the platform, identified by users in Firefox, It is not linked to any specific browser, If not, it is a measure adopted to urge users to stop using ad blockers in any browser.During the last few days, some users of the platform have detected that, when viewing content, the Videos load with a five second delay when played in Firefox browser, keeping the screen black for several seconds before starting it. Something that has not been identified in other browsers such as Chrome.In this sense, the delay has been linked to the use of ad blocker extensions in Firefox and Google’s war against the use of these programs. Thus, as they pointed out in the uBlock Origin Reddit forum, it is not a Firefox bug, but is due to a code that Google has introduced on YouTube, identified as 5E3.Now, YouTube has spoken about it and has confirmed that this delay in displaying content It is due to the use of ad blockers just as he has pointed out that It has nothing to do with what browser is being used.This has been stated by a YouTube spokesperson in statements to Android Authority, where he stated that users who have ad blockers installed “can experience suboptimal display, regardless of browser that they are using”.Likewise, the spokesperson explained that in view of “support a diverse ecosystem of creators globally”, as well as to ensure that “billions” of users access content on YouTube, the company has launched “an effort” to incentivize users to, or allow ads on YouTube try a subscription to the Premium version if you do not want advertising.That is, the delay in the playback of the videos is about another measure that the company has implemented to stop the use of ad blockers which adds to others measures launched previously such as warnings, which urge the user to avoid its use or subscribe to YouTube Premium.In fact, the platform confirmed in early November that it was implementing global measures to combat blockers of ads in browsers. Additionally, if you continue using these programs, YouTube may block playback of the video in question.This fight against ad blockers is because the The main business of Google and its YouTube video platform is advertising. However, the technology company could be violating user privacy by using spyware to detect this type of programs in browsers.Saifilter ESP Cell Filters: Eco-Friendly Air Purification Solutions
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