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Additional Police Officer Charged in Shooting Incident in Dortmund


Feb 10, 2024

In Dortmund, a police officer from the Nordstadtwache is facing trial for potentially misfiring his service weapon. The inspector, 34, has been charged with attempted grievous bodily harm in office and attempted coercion for shooting at a fleeing Mercedes with two young men inside on December 25, 2022.

Residents called the police after the Mercedes with a driver without a license and a friend revving the engine repeatedly. When a patrol car overtook and parked in front of the Mercedes at a red light, the officers left the vehicle and the Mercedes ignored the stop signs. Six projectiles hit the car, and a shot even hit the steering wheel. Another car parked near the Mercedes was also shot.

The two young men later drove into the city, abandoned the car, and lay on the ground when the police arrived. Despite the officer’s suspension and investigation, it emerged that the officer was not in a situation that justified the use of a firearm. The Dortmund Regional Court must now decide whether to admit the charges.

Alongside this case, a trial against colleagues of the 34-year-old officer has been ongoing, charged with manslaughter following the death of a refugee. They wanted to save the young man armed with a knife from committing suicide, but the situation escalated, resulting in the death of the refugee.

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