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After Euro’s ‘fiery’ placement, Serbian media tortures Croatia and faces significant trouble


Nov 21, 2023

Croatia’s victory against Armenia (1-0) in the European qualifiers secured their place in the upcoming EURO competition. The Croats were the dominant team throughout the match, and although Armenia had the best chance to score, it was Croatia who emerged victorious. As a result of their win, Croatia will be entering the big competition in Germany and is even placed in the third pot, which means they may potentially face Serbia in the group stage at the EURO.

Various news portals offered their perspectives on Croatia’s victory, with some emphasizing the team’s achievement and others focusing on individual players. Ognjen Čančarević, a Serbian player, was highlighted for his outstanding goalkeeping skills during the match. The B92 portal, however, was criticized for its headline, with readers finding it clumsy and disrespectful in their portrayal of Čančarević.

In contrast, colleagues from Bosnia and Herzegovina were in a much better mood, as shown in the title from the sportsport.ba portal. This title emphasized Croatia’s resilience and determination, stating that they were at their best when facing tough challenges, such as the one they encountered during the match against Armenia.

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