After the Pandemic, Ludington Mayor Reveals Business Expectations Are High – 9&10 News.

With Memorial Day weekend marking the start of summer, Ludington is already bustling with tourists. Experts predict that Northern Michigan will have a great year for tourism, possibly the biggest since 2020 for some businesses in Ludington.

Doug Holmes, owner of Keeper’s Fish Shack, is excited about the upcoming weekend as tourists have already begun arriving in town. After a year of lockdowns and travel restrictions, people are eager to explore and visit new places. Ludington Mayor Mark Barnett is optimistic about the summer ahead and believes that people are ready to venture out and have a special season after a challenging year.

Businesses like Keeper’s Fish Shack, which opened during the pandemic, are also looking forward to a successful year. Doug and his son Carson are hopeful that all their efforts will pay off as people become more comfortable traveling again. The pandemic has created a pent-up demand for travel, and tourists are eager to head to Ludington to experience Northern Michigan’s natural beauty.

Barnett is thrilled that businesses will finally have the opportunity to experience the best of Northern Michigan tourism. He believes that companies that have persevered through the pandemic will now have a chance to see what business in Ludington is really like.

As the summer season arrives, Mayor Barnett eagerly anticipates the return of tourists to Northern Michigan. He is excited about the enthusiasm and eagerness to travel and believes that regions are ready to accommodate vacation plans. With the pandemic slowly subsiding, people are looking for a change of scenery and adventure, and Northern Michigan provides the perfect destination.

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