AI tool forecasts hospital discharge rates.

A new AI-based tool called the Adelaide Score has been developed by researchers at the University of Adelaide, Queen Elizabeth Hospital and the Health Information Community in South Australia. The tool utilizes an AI algorithm, developed using hospitalization records of over 9,000 South Australian general surgery patients, tens of thousands of ward round notes, as well as vital signs and blood test data, to accurately predict when patients will be discharged. One study found that the algorithm predicted the discharge of patients within 12 and 24 hours with over 80% accuracy. The Adelaide Score will be piloted statewide later this year.

Managing the flow of patients in and out of hospitals remains a major challenge for healthcare providers, particularly when preparing patients for discharge. The Adelaide Score could help medical teams and patients start the discharge process earlier and free up limited hospital beds, reducing the pressure on overwhelmed emergency departments. Until now, no tool within the Australian healthcare system has been able to accurately predict patient discharges in real-time.

To further support frontline healthcare workers, SA Health has expanded its partnership with Personify Health to implement digital pathways across South Australia’s healthcare system. The Adelaide Score is expected to streamline and simplify post-surgical discharge planning, benefiting all stakeholders including patients and their loved ones. Additionally, the Adelaide Score could potentially be used in other healthcare settings beyond general surgery.

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