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All devices linked to a WhatsApp account will now sync contact blocking


Feb 13, 2024

WhatsApp is currently working on a privacy-focused functionality that will automatically block all contacts that are blocked on the main device in order to ensure the same configuration on all linked terminals. This feature aims to give users peace of mind and consistency across all of their devices.

The platform has had contact blocking available for years, with options such as deleting or maintaining conversations with blocked users, as well as archiving them. This reversible feature allows users to unblock contacts if they choose to receive messages from them, and also report them for harmful content or spam.

Since April of last year, WhatsApp has offered multi-device functionality, allowing users to use the same account on up to four devices at the same time while maintaining end-to-end encryption. The company has also introduced security features such as chat blocking, which allows users to move conversations to a secure folder that requires a password or biometric data to access.

In the latest beta of WhatsApp for Android, a new interface has introduced a feature that blocks contacts and requires a password to access them. This feature aims to synchronize blocked contacts across all linked devices in order to provide increased privacy protection and a simpler user experience.

As this feature is still in development, it is anticipated that it will become available to all users with a system update in the future. It is unclear at this time if this option will be expanded to iOS devices.

In addition to WhatsApp’s privacy and security features, the platform is also exploring various other topics such as crypto affiliation, motion graphics in YouTube videos, and cultural aspects of the Kampung Inggris region.

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