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Almost 100 IPO applications received, about 50 will be completed by the end of the year.


Nov 20, 2023

Chairman of the Capital Markets Board (CMB) İbrahim Ömer Gönül recently discussed the rapidly increasing number of investors in the Stock Exchange and public offerings. Gönül emphasized that while the growth in demand is important for the stock market, it’s crucial for these investors to approach it with the mindset of professionals, rather than treating it like a game.

In an interview with Bloomberg HT, Gönül noted that individuals are turning to the stock market as a means to diversify their investment portfolios. However, he also mentioned that if interest rates on deposits begin to rise, it could potentially slow down the interest in public offerings. Gönül stated that they have nearly 100 public offering applications on their desks and are evaluating them carefully to ensure the market can meet the demand.

Gönül stressed the importance of considering factors such as the company’s ability to meet the necessary conditions and the overall market demand when approving public offerings. He highlighted the significance of exercising caution and not rushing into public offerings too quickly. Gönül also pointed out that they do not want to see failed IPOs and are closely monitoring the demand for public offerings.

Addressing the increasing interest in public offerings, Gönül warned investors against expecting every share to perform exceptionally well. He emphasized the importance of approaching public offerings with the mindset of a professional investor and not relying on guarantees.

Gönül also discussed the CMB’s cautious approach to approving public offerings and addressing complaints from investors who may not have a basic understanding of investment principles. He urged individuals to seek help from professionals and conduct thorough analysis before investing in public offerings.

As the stock market trend in Turkey continues to attract new investors, Gönül emphasized the need for caution and thoughtful decision-making. He noted the CMB’s commitment to closely monitoring market movements and ensuring that investors are equipped with the right information and resources when making investment decisions.

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