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Americans Critically Assess President Biden’s Economic Policies Amidst ‘Bidenomics’ Promotion


Sep 6, 2023

Americans in Washington, D.C. have given President Biden mixed reviews on his handling of the economy. Cindy from Texas graded Biden an F, citing rising costs of electricity, groceries, and fuel as evidence that he doesn’t have the best interests of everyday people in mind. On the other hand, Rick from Delaware gave Biden an A, stating that he believes Biden has responded well to boost the economy and prevent runaway inflation.
Despite Biden’s repeated promotion of “Bidenomics” as his approach to rebuilding the economy after the COVID-19 pandemic, a Wall Street Journal poll found that a majority of voters disapprove of his handling of the issue as well as the economy overall. Small business owner Therion from Texas awarded Biden an F, asserting that his administration’s policies have hurt their business, specifically citing high fuel prices and increased interest rates. Gas prices have reached record highs and the Federal Reserve has raised the benchmark interest rate multiple times since Biden took office.
Colleen from Chicago gave Biden a B-plus, stating that he hasn’t received enough credit for his work on the economy. She attributes the positive state of the economy to Biden’s steady hand and collaboration with his staff. Colleen highlights the stability that Biden has brought to the country and believes he deserves credit for it.

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