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Andy Reid doesn’t make excuses for missing Travis Kelce


Sep 8, 2023

The absence of superstar tight end Travis Kelce was keenly felt by the Chiefs during their 21-20 loss to the Lions on Thursday night. This was evident in the number of dropped passes by Chiefs receivers and their failure to score a touchdown in the second half. However, head coach Andy Reid did not use Kelce’s absence as an excuse for the team’s 0-1 record. Instead, he highlighted plays such as the Lions converting a fake punt and a interception for a touchdown as reasons for their loss. Reid emphasized that the team has capable players and was close to winning the game, but was ultimately hindered by special teams and a tipped ball.

Reid mentioned that Kelce’s knee, which was injured during Tuesday’s practice, was not feeling right. Additionally, Melissa Stark of NBC reported that Kelce struggled during a workout in a pool on Thursday morning. Despite these challenges, there is hope that Kelce will be available for the Chiefs’ Week Two game against the Jaguars. Regardless of excuses, the Chiefs will need Kelce to be at his best in order to maximize the potential of their offense.

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