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Anger erupts in the Emirates after aid workers lose their lives


Apr 4, 2024

Israel will need to work on convincing Abu Dhabi that the recent event will not happen again, as stated by an individual in a statement. The leaders in Abu Dhabi are seeking guarantees that the tragic incident will not be repeated. They are concerned that individuals in Gaza may be at risk of harm, as evidenced by the attack on World Central Kitchen (WCK) workers by Israeli forces.

The initial investigation by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) revealed that drones attacked WCK vehicles after they received food from an aid ship funded by the United Arab Emirates in Gaza City. The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly denounced the attack and called for an urgent investigation to hold those responsible accountable.

The UAE, along with Cyprus, released a joint statement condemning the attack on WCK workers. They emphasized the importance of protecting humanitarian aid teams and the need for international cooperation to address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

The UAE had initiated a project to establish a naval aid pier in Gaza, which is now at risk due to the recent incident. This project, funded by the UAE and coordinated with WCK, aims to facilitate the transfer of humanitarian aid under the protection of Israel.

In response to the conflict in Gaza, the UAE launched a humanitarian aid operation known as “The Brave Horseman” under the guidance of President Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed and his advisor Muhammad Dahlan. Dahlan’s efforts in Gaza demonstrate a commitment to easing the suffering of its residents amidst the ongoing conflict with Israel.

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