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Apology from Former World Champion Surfer After Losing Wedding Ring in the Ocean


Mar 26, 2024

Former world champion Joel Parkinson had a mishap while surfing that resulted in losing his wedding ring to the sea. The Australian surfer shared the incident on his Instagram page, emphasizing the power of the ocean and apologizing to his wife for losing the ring. In a video shared, Parkinson can be seen floating in the water with a rope tied to his ankle, connected to his surfboard. He managed to pull himself to safety on a rock and hop to another rock further away from the ocean.

Comments on Parkinson’s post ranged from humorous to supportive, with one person joking about having to remarry and others expressing relief that he was safe. This incident came after Parkinson had celebrated his 19th wedding anniversary with his wife. In a previous post, he praised his wife for her love of food, highlighting one of his favorite things about her.

In a similar lost ring story, a man in Tennessee lost the engagement ring he was planning to propose with on the beach in Florida. After realizing the ring had fallen out of his pocket, he sought help from a Myrtle Beach Patrol officer, two more officers, and a beachgoer with a metal detector. Fortunately, the ring was eventually located with the help of everyone involved, allowing the proposal to continue as planned.

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