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Apple to introduce more home screen customization options in iOS 18


Mar 25, 2024

Apple is set to introduce expanded personalization features on the iPhone home screen with the release of iOS 18, marking one of the most significant changes to this element in recent years. The company will unveil iOS 18 and updates to its other operating systems at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June.

iOS 18 will bring significant changes compared to previous versions, including the integration of generative artificial intelligence and support for messaging applications using the rich communication services (RCS) protocol. In addition, Apple will introduce design updates and offer greater customization options on the home screen, allowing users to have more control over the layout of their icons. This new feature will complement the existing widgets and shortcuts, bringing the customization of the home screen closer to the level of customization already available on the locked screen since iOS 16.

The announcement of these new features builds anticipation for the release of iOS 18 and showcases Apple’s commitment to enhancing the user experience on their devices. With a focus on personalization and customization, Apple continues to innovate and provide users with new ways to interact with their iPhones. Stay tuned for more updates on iOS 18 and the changes it will bring to the iPhone home screen.

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