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Apple’s Future: What Comes Next After the Vision Pro Launch


Feb 13, 2024

Apple has recently acknowledged the presentation of the Galaxy S24 Ultra, Samsung’s first device with artificial intelligence functions. The Apple company, led by Tim Cook, confirmed that it will make an important announcement related to AI in the coming weeks. This was following the launch of mixed reality glasses Vision Pro and the announcement of financial results for the first quarter of 2024.

After reporting revenue of $119,575 million and a profit of $33.9 billion, Apple emphasized that it is focusing on generative artificial intelligence. CEO Tim Cook stated that the company is continuing to invest in AI technologies and will share details of their ongoing work by the end of the year.

They are expected to make an announcement during the WWDC Developer Conference in 2024, revealing new AI functions in iOS 18 and introducing a completely renewed virtual assistant. The new AI assistant is said to be much more conversational and would integrate with Apple’s native app Ajax, allowing users to create workflows with their voice.

It is rumored that during the launch of the iPhone 16, users will have smart functions related to text summarization, playlist creation in Apple Music, code snippet auto-suggestions, and tools in AppleCare to help solve problems for customers. However, some analysts hold reservations about the capabilities of generative AI in iPhone 16 but expect significant advancements by the iPhone 17.

In addition to AI advancements, Apple is reportedly working on two foldable phone prototypes. However, the company is facing challenges related to screen quality and may potentially cancel the project if it does not meet their standards.

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