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Arkana Ceca: A Criminal Turned Singer and Widow of War Criminal Refuses to Surrender, Vowing to Protect Serbia


Feb 12, 2024

In the paragraphs above, we hear the perspective of Svetlana Ceca Ražnatović, the widow of the controversial figure Arkan, as well as a summary of her and her late husband’s life and activities. Ceca expresses her love for her late husband and emphasizes his efforts for the preservation of Serbia and Yugoslavia. However, her portrayal of Arkan contrasts sharply with widely held beliefs about his criminal activities during the wars in the former Yugoslavia.

Additionally, the content details Ceca’s legal troubles and the various controversies surrounding her and her late husband. These include accusations of embezzlement, illegal possession of firearms, and controversial photographs of Ceca in Serbian soldier uniform from the war in Croatia. The content also hints at the circumstances surrounding Arkan’s murder and previous attempts to assassinate him.

Overall, the writing offers a complex and disputed view of Ceca and Arkan’s life together, blending personal stories with public controversies and giving insight into how their actions, real or alleged, have affected their public image.

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