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Arnold Schwarzenegger shares health update following pacemaker implantation


Mar 26, 2024

Arnold Schwarzenegger recently shared that he had a pacemaker fitted last Monday after undergoing three open-heart surgeries in the past. The 76-year-old actor compared his new “machine part” to his Terminator character and mentioned that he will have to take a break from going to the gym. Schwarzenegger discussed the surgery on his podcast ‘Arnold’s Pump Club’ and explained that he usually keeps medical issues private due to his upbringing in Austria.

Despite his usual privacy, Schwarzenegger shared his experience to offer support to others who may be facing similar health issues. He stated that his transparency might help others find courage and hope as they navigate their own health challenges. The former Governor of California assured his fans that he is recovering well after the surgery and even attended a public event with friend Jane Fonda just days later.

Schwarzenegger expressed his gratitude to his medical team at the Cleveland Clinic for their care and support during his surgery. He emphasized that the surgery was necessary on the advice of his doctors, as previous scars from past surgeries had caused irregularities in his heartbeat. He reiterated the importance of regular check-ups and listening to medical advice for maintaining good health.

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