Assessing the Community of Delaware County through the Delaware County Health Department

The survey conducted by the Delaware County Health Department asked general questions about health status, social determinants of health, and the availability of things that could improve public health. However, there were also more specific questions related to vaccinations, asthma, air pollution, and the environment. The purpose of the survey is to gather information on the community’s health needs and to work with them to address those needs.

Mary Craighead, Data Analyst for the County Health Department, emphasized the importance of making the questions simple, easy to understand, and available in multiple languages so that they are accessible to everyone in the community. The survey was made available until June 30th, and as of May 23, over 1,000 responses had been received, which was about 38% of the baseline target.

Although there has been a good response so far, the health department still wants to hear from specific groups, including people aged 18 to 24, men, low-income residents, and people of color. The department hopes to have a demographic sample that represents Delaware County’s population, and track this over time. Historically, these groups have been underrepresented in community health surveys, and the health department is coordinating efforts and support to hear more from them.

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