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AstraZeneca introduces health tech venture Evinova, a clinical services business – Endpoints News


Nov 20, 2023

AstraZeneca has launched a new global health tech business called Evinova, identifying a gap in the market to streamline clinical trials, reduce time and cost, and make the process easier for patients. Backed financially by AstraZeneca, Evinova will operate as a separate business and provide global services to CROs and pharmaceutical companies for designing, running, and monitoring clinical trials. Evinova will charge customers for access to its technology and operate on a revenue-based model.

This move by AstraZeneca reflects the company’s recognition of the need for innovation and efficiency in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. By creating a separate business to focus on health tech, AstraZeneca is aligning itself with the growing trend of digital health solutions and the demand for more streamlined processes in clinical research and drug development. With Evinova, AstraZeneca aims to address the challenges faced by both patients and industry professionals in conducting clinical trials and bring about positive changes in the way healthcare technology is utilized.

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