At 28 years old, a breast cancer survivor from North Carolina recounts the pivotal moment that forever altered her life.

Lorelei Colbert received the devastating news of being diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer in September 2020. She recalls that this day marked a turning point in her life. Lorelei and her partner had just gotten married and were both 28 years old at the time. She had no prior symptoms, and was completely unaware that she had breast cancer. Sadly, she is not alone in North Carolina, as the Department of Health and Human Services predicts that over 6,000 women in the state will be diagnosed with breast cancer each year. According to the American Cancer Society, this year alone has seen more than 10,000 new cases.

The US Preventive Services Task Force has released recommendations that are hoped to bring some solace to women in North Carolina. Dr. Tasha DiNome stated that the next step is to have insurance companies cover any supplemental screenings for patients. This will go a long way in spreading awareness and ultimately lead to early detection and better survival rates.

It is important to note that breast cancer can affect anyone, regardless of their age. Lorelei highlights this issue and is using her experience to bring about a much-needed public conversation. She urges people to remember that we are never too young for a breast cancer diagnosis. Additionally, public comments are open until June 5th.

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