• Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

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Jun 12, 2024

On Monday afternoon, White Sox pitcher Nick Nastrini took the mound against the Blue Jays and pitched five innings. During his outing, Nastrini allowed 3 hits and 3 runs while striking out 5 batters. After the game, Nastrini discussed his performance and shared his thoughts on how he pitched against the Blue Jays.

Nastrini’s 5.0 inning appearance was a solid outing for the White Sox, as he was able to keep the opposing team’s offense in check for the majority of his time on the mound. Despite giving up 3 runs, Nastrini was able to limit the damage and strike out batters when needed.

The White Sox will likely be encouraged by Nastrini’s performance and will look to build on his success moving forward. As the season progresses, Nastrini will continue to work on improving his pitching and helping the White Sox win games. With his ability to strike out batters and keep hitters off balance, Nastrini will be a valuable asset to the team’s pitching staff.


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