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Bake Shoppe Shut Down for Health Violations | Latest Updates on News, Sports, Jobs


Sep 7, 2023

Quality Bake Shoppe in Moundsville recently closed down temporarily due to health code violations discovered by the Marshall County Health Department. The bakery has been instructed to correct these violations before they can resume operations. The health department received numerous complaints about unsanitary conditions at the bakery, which were made through their website and Facebook page. Upon inspection, it was found that there were cockroaches inside the facility. However, there was no evidence of rats. Other issues that need addressing include clutter removal and the replacement of missing ceiling tiles. The bakery is currently working on a pest management plan for the cockroaches and taking corrective actions to clean up the facility. The health department is assisting them with any questions they may have and will conduct a reinspection before allowing them to reopen.

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