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Bank of Greene County Receives Historic Designation from Daily Freeman


Feb 12, 2024

The Bank of Greene County recently received several honors, including the official designation as part of the New York State Historic Business Preservation Registry. 75 bank officers, directors and guests from the Bank of Greene County were present at the Nasdaq Stock exchange on Monday, Jan. 22 and helped to ring the closing bell as the Catskill-based bank celebrated its 135th anniversary and 25th anniversary of its listing on the Nasdaq.

The designation as part of the New York State Historic Business Preservation Registry was sponsored by Senator Michelle Hinchey, D-Saugerties. This recognition was established by the state Legislature in 2020 to honor and promote New York businesses that have operated for at least 50 years and made significant contributions to the history of their community, Hinchey’s office said.

“The Bank of Greene County is the epitome of a community-minded partner,” Hinchey said in a press release. “Over its impressive 135-year history, the bank has not only stood the test of time but continually adapted to meet the needs of the communities it serves.”

Donald Gibson, president and chief executive officer of the Bank of Greene County, said that the bank is looking forward to celebrating its anniversary. “We are celebrating our 135th Anniversary, rang the NASDAQ Closing Bell on January 22, raised the interest rate on our e-checking account and e-savings account, and have been added to the New York State Historic Business Preservation Registry,” Gibson said in a statement.

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