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Banski dvori approves Banožić’s lawyer’s request for twelve units of compensation


Nov 20, 2023

The government has approved compensation for former Minister of Defense Marij Banožić, granting him 6+6 which means he will receive a full ministerial salary for six months and half of that salary for the following six months. This decision came after Banožić’s lawyer sent a request to Banske dvore, which has been satisfied.

It is important to note that Mario Banožić received a net salary of 2,740 euros in his previous position. On Monday, his lawyer withdrew the request for the activation and suspension of his parliamentary mandate due to personal reasons, based on a power of attorney. As a result, the Mandate and Immunity Committee’s session which was scheduled to discuss and decide on this request on Tuesday, was cancelled.

Previously, the MIP had expressed their willingness to comply with the lawyer’s request to activate and then immediately suspend the former minister’s parliamentary mandate, pending a review of all documentation.

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