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Beach resorts majority claim concessions


Nov 20, 2023

The calls for tenders are specifically for stretches of coast that are currently free from concessions. The EU has commented on the issue of seaside resorts, and the objective is to bring a rule to Brussels to be agreed with Europe and then subsequently present the law in Parliament. The political forces supporting the executive aim to follow this narrow path to the end, and they are not excluding reaching the Court of Justice.

Brussels sent a reasoned opinion to Rome, a new step forward in the infringement procedure, which irritated the majority and the executive. Italy now has two months to respond. The government is thinking of a regulation to be presented by the end of the year, and the thesis is that 67% of the Italian coast is free from concessions.

The League’s Salvini states that they are ready to give immediate answers and have been working for months in the direction desired by the Commission. The Azzurri Bergamini and Gasparri emphasize the need to guarantee continuity of concessions to existing seaside businesses, which represent a fundamental resource for the economy.

There are several open fronts with Europe, starting from the ESM, to the procedure relating to family allowance for dependent children. The opposition criticizes the executive’s attitude, and the right makes fun of citizens, businesses, and the EU.

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