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Bentley Introduces Executive Education Program to Empower Health Industry Leaders


Mar 26, 2024

Bentley has partnered with Minerva Project, a renowned global education company, for the development and delivery of the Leading Business Transformation in Health program. Minerva Project is recognized for its research-backed curriculum development approach that focuses on effective learning methods. The program will leverage Minerva’s innovative virtual learning platform to support the delivery of its skills-based curriculum.

Ben Nelson, founder and CEO of Minerva, emphasized the program’s focus on intentional learning outcomes and real-world applications beyond the classroom. The partnership aims to produce interdisciplinary leaders at the intersection of health and business by integrating a broad range of business competencies with deep health-industry-specific topics within the curriculum.

The program will equip participants with the skills necessary to successfully lead in the industry. Key highlights include a deep exploration of health system complexities, ethical leadership development through case studies, emotional intelligence cultivation for effective team dynamics, and agile problem-solving to tackle organizational challenges.

Sean Ferguson, Bentley’s Vice President for Strategy and Innovation, highlighted the importance of delivering impactful executive education in the face of rapid technological advancements and market changes. The Bentley faculty leading the program possess extensive business experience, offering valuable industry perspectives to participants.

The program format consists of one 90-minute virtual session per week over six weeks, with additional project work totaling one to two hours. Optional in-person networking opportunities will also be available, with the program scheduled to run from May 23 to June 27.

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