Best and Worst Predictions for Kentucky Wildcats Football by 247 Sports

The Kentucky Wildcats had a somewhat disappointing 2022 season, despite a successful bowl game. They struggled in the league, particularly in the shadow of Will Levis, who has since moved on to play for the Tennessee Titans. Levis had been a transfer from Penn State and was instrumental in the team’s success. However, the Cats lost some key games, including an embarrassing home loss to Vanderbilt.

With Levis gone, the team is looking to Devin Leary to take up the mantle. Leary comes to the team from North Carolina State and has shown potential in previous seasons. With an improved offensive line and some strong contributors, such as transferred running back Ray Davis, the Cats have the potential to do well. However, it remains to be seen if they can achieve the same level of success as they did with Levis.

According to predictions by 247 Sports, the Wildcats could be a 5-win team or a 9-win team. They have a relatively easy schedule early on, which could help them build momentum. However, the last few matches of the season could be tough, with matches against Tennessee, Mississippi State, Alabama, and South Carolina. The key to their success will be whether Leary stays healthy and whether the defense can hold up.

Despite a somewhat shaky season, the Wildcats have a strong history. They have appeared in seven bowl games in the last 10 years and have won four of them. Coach Mark Stoops has been instrumental in turning the team around and creating a formidable opponent in the SEC. As they enter a new season, the Wildcats will be looking to continue their success and improve on their previous record.

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