Beyoncé amazes her audience with the Renaissance-themed kickoff of her world tour.

Tens of thousands of fans flocked to Stockholm to attend Beyoncé’s opening show of her new world tour, “Renaissance”. This marks Beyoncé’s first solo tour since 2016, and it corresponds with her 2022 dance. Her album titled “Renaissance” was a game-changer, propelling her to the top of the Grammy Awards throne as the most awarded artist in the ceremony’s history. Fans had been eagerly waiting for the music video of the hit “Renaissance” for months, and they were overjoyed to see the video projections and animation on stage. The constant interplay between costumes and backdrop changes was mesmerizing, though the stage set was intimidatingly large.

Beyoncé explored the interrelationship between digital and physical worlds and the role played by robotic devices that create a space filled with silver moon probes and inflatable horses. At times, it felt intimate despite the scale of the stage set. Beyoncé thanked her fans for coming from far and wide to attend her show and dabbled in songs from across her 20-year career, including a lineup of hits from her “Renaissance” album.

The show on Wednesday sold out all 46,000 tickets, promising an excellent turnout for the rest of her tour. Beyoncé will perform in over 40 cities, including Paris, Barcelona, London, and Toronto before ending the tour in New Orleans on September 27th.

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