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Biden aims to broker a ceasefire lasting a minimum of six weeks


Feb 13, 2024

King Abdullah called for an immediate ceasefire and criticized the limitations on aid to Gaza. He also expressed the need for continued support for UNRA and objected to Israel’s separation of Gaza, Jerusalem, and Judea and Samaria.

Senator Chris Van Hollen accused the Israeli government of war crimes, particularly in relation to the delay in food supply resulting in the deaths of children in Gaza. He called for a response from President Biden and the US.

Negotiations are expected to resume in Cairo, including representatives from Israel, the CIA, Qatar, and Egyptian intelligence. The goal is to pressure Hamas to be more flexible in their positions and demands.

The second part of the content appears to be unrelated and doesn’t directly connect to the first part about political negotiations and international affairs. Therefore, I have not included it in the rewriting.

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