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Biden and Li Qiang converge; President affirms China’s economic ‘crisis’ reduces likelihood of Taiwan invasion


Sep 10, 2023

U.S. President Joe Biden recently held talks with Chinese leadership, marking the highest level meeting between the two countries in nearly 10 months. Biden met with Chinese Premier Li Qiang, who attended the annual G20 summit on behalf of Chinese President Xi Jinping. While the meeting was not expected, Biden described the discussions as non-confrontational and focused on stability.

The U.S. and China have been working to improve their relations this year, following a disagreement over a suspected Chinese spy balloon flying over U.S. territory. In addition, China has been experiencing concerns regarding its economic slowdown. Biden addressed these issues during a press conference in Vietnam, stating that China’s economic situation is a “crisis” due to problems in the real estate sector and high youth unemployment.

Biden emphasized that his administration is trying to maintain open dialogue with China, particularly to alleviate tensions around Taiwan. He does not believe that China’s economic challenges will lead to an invasion of Taiwan, and he reaffirmed the United States’ commitment as a Pacific power.

Biden also touched on recent actions taken by Chinese officials to restrict the use of U.S.-designed Apple iPhones by state employees, interpreting it as an attempt to change trade rules. He expressed a genuine desire to improve the U.S.-China relationship.

Overall, while the U.S. and China have been attempting to mend their ties, challenges related to economics and geopolitical issues persist. Biden’s meeting with the Chinese Premier signifies a continuation of efforts to foster understanding and promote stability between the two superpowers.

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