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Biden intensifies criticism towards Trump’s handling of the economy


Sep 5, 2023

President Biden is increasing his criticism of former President Trump, specifically targeting his record in the Oval Office, as speculation grows about a potential rematch in the next White House election. Even though Biden has not directly mentioned Trump by name, his criticisms have been personal and clear.

During a Labor Day speech in Philadelphia that resembled a campaign event, Biden referred to “the last guy” as someone who viewed the world from Park Avenue and sent jobs to China. He also accused the previous president of jeopardizing pensions and leaving office with fewer jobs than when he started.

Biden continued his criticism of Trump on Friday, stating that America lost jobs under his administration and that Trump was one of only two presidents who entered and left the presidency with fewer jobs. These speeches reveal that Trump is on Biden’s mind and that he wants to build the argument that the economy is stronger under his leadership than it was under Trump.

However, Biden’s handling of the economy has not received strong approval from the American public. Polling averages show that only 38 percent of people surveyed approve of his economic policies, while 58.4 percent disapprove. Other polls also indicate a lack of support for Biden’s economic handling.

If Trump becomes the GOP nominee, he will likely emphasize that the economy was stronger during his presidency. It is currently a strong issue for Republicans. Jim Kessler from the Democratic think tank Third Way believes that Biden still has time to improve his economic approval ratings and change the narrative, as past successful presidents have done.

The attacks on Trump by Biden indicate his intention to create doubt about the strength of Trump’s economic management. Biden has focused on his infrastructure bill, which was passed into law with Republican support. He contrasted this with what he called Trump’s failure to build anything.

Trump currently has a significant lead in GOP primary polls, suggesting he may be the presumptive challenger to Biden before the race officially begins. A general election between Biden and Trump is expected to be closely contested, as recent polls have shown them tied in support.

Biden’s focus on the economy is crucial since it is a significant issue in any presidential election. He appears to be following a strategy employed by his former boss, President Obama, in defining his opponent early on. By doing so, he can shape the narrative and leave a lasting impression on voters.

The Trump campaign has responded to Biden’s criticism, highlighting Trump’s tax relief initiatives and economic recovery. They argue that Biden is the destroyer of American jobs and that his spending has fueled inflation. Biden’s campaign, on the other hand, welcomes a debate over their respective job records and contrasts the number of net jobs created under each administration.

While the White House has also intensified its attacks on Republicans, they have refrained from discussing Trump’s indictments. This aligns with their strategy to avoid engaging with Trump’s legal troubles and potential arguments by the GOP that the Department of Justice has targeted Trump and Republicans. However, if Trump is convicted before the election, their approach may change.

In conclusion, President Biden is directly targeting former President Trump’s record in the Oval Office, highlighting issues such as job losses and shipping jobs overseas. However, Biden’s handling of the economy has not received strong approval from the public. Trump’s potential candidacy and his emphasis on a stronger economy during his presidency may pose a challenge for Biden. Biden’s campaign is seeking to define Trump early on and engage in a debate over their respective job records. The White House has also intensified its criticism of Republicans while avoiding discussions about Trump’s indictments.

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