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Biden’s Tweet about the Super Bowl sparks confusion and speculation


Feb 12, 2024

After the end of the Super Bowl, a tweet was published on the official account of President Joe Biden, which left many users confused and amazed, reports The Sun. – Just like we drew it – it was written next to the president’s tweet with an ominous smile and glowing red eyes. Users also thought that this was a fake profile, but soon realized that it was the official account of the president. – I thought this was a parody, but no, it’s the president of the United States – one profile read. Many had similar comments, and some concluded that it was a tweet dedicated to the Super Bowl and filled the comments with conspiracy theories that the game was fixed. – I mean, they literally say that the NFL is minimally rigged and that Taylor Swift is a CIA psychologist – said one of the users. – Taylor Swift won the Super Bowl, and next she will win the presidential election – says another commentator. Travis Kelce’s Kansas City Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday in a thrilling 25-22 game that went into overtime.

This article addresses the confusion and conspiracy theories surrounding a tweet on President Joe Biden’s official account after the Super Bowl. Many users were initially puzzled by the tweet, which featured an ominous message and glowing red eyes. Some even thought it was a fake profile, only to realize that it was indeed the president’s official account. The article also discusses the conspiracy theories that emerged, suggesting that the Super Bowl may have been fixed. Despite the confusion, it is noted that the game was a thrilling one, with the Kansas City Chiefs defeating the San Francisco 49ers in overtime.

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