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Bitcoin Price Predicted to Drop to $200 During US Economy’s Largest Crash


Apr 4, 2024

Finance Editor Harry Dent has made a bold prediction that the US economy could experience its biggest crash in 2024, sending Bitcoin and the stock market plummeting lower than during the 2008 financial crisis. This forecast comes at a time when both the US economy and Bitcoin are seeing record highs. Dent believes that Millennials and Gen Z will face the most significant crash of their lifetimes this year.

Dent explained in an interview with Fox News that the housing bubble could be the catalyst for the crash in 2024. He anticipates that this initial fall will have a ripple effect, impacting the S&P, the US economy, and Bitcoin. He emphasized that he expects 2024 to be a major crash year, unlike just a correction. Currently, Bitcoin is trading at around $66,300, and the US economy is recovering from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Author Robert Kiyosaki, known for his book Rich Dad Poor Dad, responded to Dent’s prediction by indicating his intent to accumulate more Bitcoin if prices drop as forecasted. Kiyosaki expressed hope that Dent’s prediction comes true, as it would provide investors with an extraordinary opportunity to buy Bitcoin at reduced prices. He also noted that those holding assets like gold, silver, and Bitcoin could potentially benefit from the crash.

Overall, Dent’s prediction has sparked discussions about the potential for a significant crash in the US economy in 2024, with implications for various financial markets and asset classes. As investors consider the implications of this forecast, they are evaluating strategies to navigate potential market volatility and capitalize on opportunities that may arise as a result of Dent’s projected crash.

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